Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Steady Sticks

Keeping with last week's theme of picnic friendly items (as well as my next post), I am pleased to introduce you to Steady Sticks! Steady Sticks are stainless steel in-ground stakes that hold your wine glass. They are perfect for a picnic or even at the beach (don't forget to use a plastic wine glass like these). I am wishing we would have had them for last week's Cinespia cemetery screening of Vertigo. Let's just say that one of our picnic blankets is going to need a visit from a serious stain remover.

While the site above sells the Steady Sticks, I have found better pricing as follows: - $10.07 (available for Super Saver Shipping)

Also offered on Amazon, is the Steady Sticks holder for your wine bottle. This sells for $10.07 and is available for Super Saver Shipping too.

The best deal is the full set by True Fabrications. It is not officially "Steady Sticks" brand but you get two wine glass holders and the bottle holder. It is available via at is $14.99.

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