Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the beginning...

With a title like “On the Tart Side” I’m sure you’re wondering what this blog is all about. It goes back many years to my first blog which was actually called a “pita”. Weird name huh? This was back in 2000 before blogs were everywhere. I was only doing the blog in anticipation of a web column I was going to write for a friend’s website. Well, that website was never launched and I got a new job that didn’t provide time for blogging. The original “On the Tart Side” is still up but frozen in time. You can check it out here but keep in mind that most of the links are bad now. The actual web column was going to be called “On the Tart Side: Life and Times of a Modern Renaissance Woman” but let’s be honest – that’s just too long so it was shortened to “On the Tart Side.” The inspiration for the title was actually from a cosmetics ad because “tart” is my favorite word. In fact, I like the word so much that both of my phone numbers spell “tart!”

Okay, enough of the back story on the name! I’m sure my loyal reader (hi Jen!) wants to know what I’ll actually be blogging about. That’s the beauty of this blog – it’s going to be about any number of topics! I have so many interests it will vary depending on what my current passion and/or mood might be. What it won’t be about is boring things from my life (i.e. – Today I picked up my laundry and then I ate a tuna melt.) because this isn’t a diary. However, entries could be sparked by things from my life like a wonderful new wine I tried or a website I found that may be of interest to others.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I (hope) I’ll enjoy writing it!