Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Airwaves Gum

If you are like me, I love to pick up new food items when traveling. When in Europe, I found myself especially fascinated by the candy selection. While I try not to eat a lot of candy, I adore it. Maybe that's why I still love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory so much? I would kill to be allowed in that room made of candy! Mmmm candy....

So this week's product - Airwaves (made by Wrigley) is actually considered a "wellness" gum (which I consider candy even though you don't eat it) so it is really more of a health food. I discovered it on a trip to the UK and have become a little obsessed. The gum has a menthol core which is extremely powerful. I love it because it knocks out bad breath and then the flavor shifts to become a delightful chewing gum. I will be honest though that some people find the menthol portion of the gum too intense and liken it to medicine. The Menthol & Eucalyptus is the most common and popular flavor though there are a variety of flavors that vary throughout Europe and Asia. My personal favorite - Spicy Cocktail - has unfortunately long been discontinued. Black Current and Honey & Lemon are other great ones and are currently available in Asia. There are a variety of other flavors I have not had the pleasure to try yet but would welcome feedback from anyone that has tried them!

How do you get this delicious gum? Personally I have anyone going to a country that carries Airwaves to pick me up a few packs. You can also order from or British Delights. I tried writing to Wrigley to see if they would start carrying it in the US and was told "This is a product specially formulated for our overseas consumers." or something like that. Stupid Wrigley.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Keyboard Organizer

I hate clutter. The place I live is small so it is a constant battle. While I don't have a separate office, if I did I would want it to look perfectly organized. Something straight out of Martha Stewart. Something like this:

See? No clutter.

That brings me to this week's product - the Keyboard Organizer. While this little gem looks a little like a toy, it is an actual keyboard but with built in storage. This keyboard has 10+ separate storage compartments, multimedia quick keys and has a wireless option. Personally I prefer a "classic" styled keyboard (cleaner, less cluttered look) but if you prefer something more "you" they offer custom colors and graphics. This keyboard is the perfect way to keep important supplies close at hand but also out of sight.

Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Things That Make A Woman Undateable

In hopes of engaging a few of my male readers, I found this gem from Cosmo. They searched Twitter for #undateable posted by the best and the brightest in the male gene pool. And when I say best and brightest, I mean the same guys that likely are unable to get dates in the first place.

Of course I have to share a couple of my favorites....

"If you want to find 'your own Edward Cullen.'" —@Lord_Voldemort7

Hello pot? This is the kettle - you're black. Are vampires "not real" unlike wizards which are obviously very real?

"A girl that farts in her sleep." —@Zay_InkdUp

So I dated a guy a few years ago that actually farted so loud he woke himself up. I did the only appropriate thing - I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed. Farts are funny. Chill out.

What are some of the things that make a girl/guy undateable? Personally, it's a guy that wears Ed Hardy, has bad teeth, or bigger boobs than me. Let me know some of your dealbreakers!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Giant Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Sorry for the radio silence for the past week - travels do not allow much time for blogging! However I have found some interesting products to share with you and this week is a personal favorite!

At first glance, Giant Silicone Ice Cube Trays may seem like a summer only item but they are useful year round! The principle behind them is simple - the larger the ice cube the more slowly it will melt in your glass. Rather than fill your glass with a ton of small cubes, you just need one larger cube. I love using these giant cubes in cocktails as it eliminates the watered down drink issue. Also, because the cube is larger it allows additional space if you wish to make more festive ice cubes and freeze fruit or herbs inside the cubes. They are also great to freeze other items like stock or juice to have available to help save time in the kitchen. Though if you freeze leftover wine, keep it in the tray - trust me I have made this mistake before and had to clean a mess of wine up in my freezer!

There are a number of companies that make this type of ice cube tray but my personal favorites are from Crate & Barrel & Williams-Sonoma. I have tried other silicone ice cube trays and have had problems getting the cubes to release. Both of these particular trays are very simple to use.