Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Trip to the Alter on a Budget

No, I have never been married myself but I been planning events since there were events to plan. Massacre Ball for Middle School Halloween? Yep, that was me. Ok, I don't think we ultimately were allowed to call it that but my chalk outlines of dead bodies made the cut complete with a blood pool. While I don't suggest that you go this route for your wedding (though for some this might be ideal), I thought I would share some links and ideas to help avoid your trip to the alter making a serious dent in your wallet.

I think this link is a great place to start if you are on a budget for your wedding. It offers suggestions for all of the major wedding expenses which is helpful to find places to save even if you have already started making commitments elsewhere.

Personally I have not spent a ton of time on Etsy but that is only because I know I will spend a TON of time on Etsy once I start. I assisted a friend of mine with some wedding planning a few years ago and she managed to find some amazing deals on Etsy. For example, she found a vendor to make a lovely birdcage style veil for around $50 that looked exactly like the one we found in the bridal salon priced at $250. She also purchased several pieces of wedding jewelry as well as custom designed martini glasses for her bridesmaids all from Etsy. You will be amazed at the quality (and quantity) that is available on this site. Here are a couple items I found with just a quick look:

These would be lovely on a sweet table, as a favor, or at a shower.

This particular designer has a variety of options and customizable templates. Once your design is complete, you are sent the final version for printing at your favorite local print shop or for an additional cost this designer can arrange on your behalf.

Idea - Cylinder Centerpieces
These Fillable Cylinder Centerpieces from The are a useful addition to any wedding and at $5.75 a piece they are a steal. I have seem similar items at Bed, Bath & Beyond; Crate & Barrel; CB2; and IKEA but I think this looks to be the best set as they have actually been designed to work together. I have found others to be too large to sit on a table and/or the variance in height to be too great. There are so many options with these types of cylinders - candy station, candles, or florals just to name a few. Below you can find a version of a classy yet simple arrangement I often see in luxury hotels. The site I grabbed the photo from has instructions if you wish to recreate and can be found here.

Budget Weddings Magazine
Another great resource right now is the current publication by Woman's Day magazine titled "Budget Weddings". It is most likely to be available at bookstores and other locations that have a large selection of periodicals.

There are lots of ways to save on events and weddings are no different. Hopefully if you or someone you know finds themselves planning a wedding on a budget some of this information will be helpful. If you have a particular question about working around a budget with a specific aspect of your wedding, feel free to contact me and I will try to help!

More event and entertaining posts will also be coming your way in the near future! In the meantime, does anyone have any helpful cost saving tips they used at their own wedding? What about thoughts on must spend items?

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