Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Wine Wipes

Did you miss me? On The Tart Side was on a brief hiatus while I was visiting the parentals but I'm back with a great item for Product Placement Wednesday!

Ok, I'll admit - I have never actually tried Wine Wipes but have been dying to do so! As a regular red wine drinker, I often find that after a few (or maybe more than a few) glasses of wine my lips and teeth have a lovely Cabernet colored stain. It isn't always convenient to brush your teeth in between glasses and even if it was - who would want to do that? Mint + wine = gross. Wine Wipes have been formulated not to effect the taste of your wine by freshening your breath with orange blossom which is found naturally in red wine.

The makers of Wine Wipes also have a sister product called Pearly Wipes which are useful for a variety of situations but include peppermint oil for that minty fresh feeling.

Have any of you tried this amazing product? I would love to hear your feedback! Remember you do not need to be a registered member or following this site to comment.

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