Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Sur La Table® On-Ice Sectioned Appetizer Tray

As you know I am all about kicking off the summer with picnics! Last weekend my brother and sister-in-law were visiting and I did a little picnic with them. They enjoyed it so much that now they are all about planning more picnics themselves! Of course we are lucky in Los Angeles that it is lovely to picnic nearly all year. For those of you that are experiencing/will experience extreme temperatures this summer, today's item is perfect for you!

One of the tricky things about picnicking is how to keep cold items cold enough without keeping them locked away in a cooler. No one wants to eat warm ranch dip. Sur La Table® On-Ice Sectioned Appetizer Tray is the perfect solution! Keeping your food cold is very simple. Just fill the bottom tray with ice and place upper trays filled with food on top. With three divided food trays (6 total slots) and a 1 cup dip slot (which can be used for a variety of items besides dip), the possibilities are endless! Some options include, veggies & ranch, fresh fruit & yogurt dip, seafood & cocktail sauce, sushi & soy sauce, antipasto, or desserts.

Right now this item is on sale for just $27.96 down from $39.95!

Other similar products included in the photo above that may interest you are Condiments on Ice and the On-Ice Acrylic Sectioned Bowl. Both use the same principal as the Sectioned Appetizer Tray but their varied shapes allow for additional options for use. I like the Condiments on Ice for burger fixings as well as cocktail garnishes. The On-Ice Acrylic Sectioned Bowl is particularly great for salads of all kinds.

Each of these items are also currently on sale too! Now is the time to stock up on new products for the summer before the Christmas items arrive next month! :)

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