Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Gold Kiwi

Recently I was given a generous gift of a flat of gold kiwi. At first I didn't realize that these were not the regular kiwis I was used to eating. They were described to me as sweet unlike the more tart green kiwis. They are fantastic! Much softer and more tropical tasting that the kiwis you find at your local markets. If you hold a gold kiwi next to a green kiwi, you will notice their differences go beyond the color of their flesh. The gold kiwi is slightly longer with a pronounced beak-like stem. The outside is also significantly less "fuzzy" than the green kiwi.

When deciding to write about these golden kiwis, I started to do a little research and it was interesting to learn that kiwi are actually originally from China NOT New Zealand as commonly thought. The standard green kiwi was in fact developed in New Zealand where it's name was changed from the "Chinese Gooseberry" to "Kiwi". Kiwis are also a fantastic source of vitamin C and has almost as much potassium as banana.

I have been enjoying my gold kiwis simply cut up on a plate but recently made a mock tart with them. I will be sharing the recipe on a future blog entry but I'm not gonna lie - it was out of this world!

Gold kiwis are a little tricky to find. I was told that these were from the "ranch market" which I think is actually the 99 Ranch Market as this is a southern California chain. If you are outside of California, I would suggest checking with stores that carry a large variety of unusual fruit. As 99 Ranch Market specializes in Asian items, that might be another avenue to try. Hurry though as gold kiwis are only in season until the end of this month!

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