Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - The Amber Special

I realize that I have been taking some liberties with the "products" lately and this week will be no different. This week's product is in honor of my dear friend Amber who sadly passed away a year ago.

Amber was the type of girl that would light up a room just by entering it. Her energy was infectious and her smile was naturally perfect. You would want to hate her for having been spared the agony of braces but she was too nice to hate. While I met Amber in 5th grade, our friendship grew over the years and we graduated high school as dear friends. It wasn't until 2007 that we had our "friendaissance" and started traveling together with our other fabulous friend Megan. Traveling with Amber is where I first learned of today's product - The Amber Special.

Amber actually called "The Amber Special" the "Airport Special" and swore that you could go into any airport bar and they would know what you were talking about. Turns out that was not true but it didn't matter. According to Amber if you asked for the "Airport Special" you would get a special price on a beer & shot combo. We started joking that it was really just "The Amber Special" and once she passed away a mission was determined. Megan and I decided that the beer & shot combo that Amber so fondly referred to as the "Airport Special" should be known across the world as "The Amber Special".

That leads us to how you can help keep her memory alive. If you find yourself having the opportunity to order a beer and a shot together, make sure to call it "The Amber Special" and explain to the bartender why. It is really amazing how things like this can become viral.

I encourage you to have "The Amber Special" in honor of Amber on September 3 which is the day she left us. But only this year! From then on the day to have them going forward is her birthday - November 11. If you want to make it extra "Amber" be sure to stick an already chewed piece of gum on the side of your glass to save for "later".

Another great way to honor her life would be to become an organ donor. Amber was an organ donor but the realities of actually donating your organs is very complicated. Thankfully she was able to give the gift of sight to one or two people. That being said, you do not have to wait until the end of your life to give. Almost everyone is eligible to be a bone marrow donor and it is a very simple proceedure to register. I encourage you to click here to find out more. Amber was a very selfless and generous person so this is an amazing way to honor her memory.

I miss you girl.

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