Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Trader Joe's Flower Pepper

This week is back to "normal" for Product Placement Wednesday and I have a wonderful new product for you! Trader Joe's has recently released Flower Pepper complete with grinder. The blend includes black peppercorns, rose petals, calendula, lavender and cornflower. Floral flavors can be tricky to use but the black peppercorn makes it a little less intimidating.

There are so many uses for this product but so far I have found myself using primarily on salads. I look forward to using it as a crust for a goat cheese medallion and to season roast chicken. It would also make a nice savory addition to certain desserts. I envision somesort of vanilla and lavender dessert (possibly a creme brulee) with a light dusting of this pepper. I had this amazing lavender ice cream at The Foundry once that would probably also be an excellent balance to this pepper. I feel you are only limited by your imagination and willingness to experiment! Be sure to let me know what you try it on!


  1. So I sprinkled it on top of vanilla ice cream - quite a bit - and then poured honey on top. It was fantastic!

  2. I used it in a pan seared tofu dish with a lemon caper sauce. It turned out pretty amazing.

  3. Those both sound like amazing ways to utilize the flower pepper! I took your idea Harry and tried it with vanilla yogurt, fruit and honey. Delish!