Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anti-Product Placement Wednesday - Dog Strollers

This past week someone asked me if I ever do negative reviews. While I feel that it goes against the idea of "Product Placement Wednesday," when inspiration hits, you can't fight it.

Yesterday I saw a woman pushing a dog stroller at The Grove. That's right a DOG STROLLER. Yes, I have seen this monstrosity before and it was appalling then too. This little tiny dog was just cruising along like it was a small child. I did not grow up with dogs but from what I know of dog owners is that most people treat their dog like a dog. Now I know there are all kinds of ways to treat your dog more like a person like giving them a mani/pedi or taking them to the shrink - I think that is weird too but the dog stroller pushes me over the edge. I am a cat person and I would never do anything other than treat it like a cat (except maybe teach it to pee in the toilet or walk on a leash).

I found this blog post titled 16 Reasons to Use a Dog Stroller on a site that - you guessed it - sells dog strollers! Why does your dog need to go everywhere with you? Are all dogs too lazy to walk? Even if your dog is elderly, the dog stroller just seems like a cruel way to taunt them about how they used to have legs that would take them for long walks.

So instead of encouraging you to by a product today, I am encouraging you to have a little self respect - if not for you then for your dog - and run away from the dog stroller craze!

Have you already given in and are cruising around town with your dog waving to passersby? Tell me why this item works for you. I am dying to know.

Maybe "Anti-Product Placement Wednesday" should just be "Crazy Rant Wednesday"?

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  1. I saw a couple pushing one of these through my hood the other night with a cat in it! Extremely disturbing.