Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday To Me!

Today is my half-birthday and I technically was another half year older at 3.03pm ET. Growing up we always celebrated our half-birthdays. My brother's half-birthday is a few weeks after mine and we would have a cake at that time since my parents didn't want to create two half-birthday cakes. Too bad they didn't think of this idea at the time!

There is a great photo somewhere of me and my brother with our half-birthday sheet cake. We were each able to decorate half of the cake. Unfortunately this photo has disappeared into somesort of other universe since no one can find it. Most years (UNLIKE this year) my parents will still call me on my half-birthday just to wish me a happy half-birthday. It may seem silly but it is nice to get that warm birthday feeling when your big day is still very far away.

So that brings me to the point of this entry. We need to celebrate more half-birthdays! Half-birthdays are great for kids because they love getting older. Having a half-birthday mini-celebration reminds them that they are on track. Those of us that are not as thrilled with getting older can still celebrate! This is proof that we have MADE IT another 6 months - something that gets more and more important the older we get.

Presents are not necessary for the half-birthday but a half dozen roses or a half carat diamond are always lovely gifts. If nothing else, it gives your friends and family the six month warning that your birthday is coming up so they can start their shopping before all the good gifts are taken. Of course I know that you are all experts in gift giving since you read my previous entry on the topic!

With that in mind, please indulge me while I share a few items from my "wish list". These are all on the higher end but they would make great group gifts so start planning now! :)

Barbie Dream House

Guns N Roses Pinball

Savannah Cat

Not too much to ask for right? Okay, maybe a little bit out there. Maybe some cake pops from Surprise Surprise Bake Shop would be more appropriate for a half-birthday? What outlandish things would love to get for your birthday (or half-birthday)? Remember you do not need to be registered to post on this blog! I love hearing from you!

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