Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - Digital Luggage Scale

As anyone who has traveled with me knows, I am not a light packer. I think this is either a genetic or learned behavior as my parents are also challenged in this area. Whenever I travel, I play the baggage weight game (with my checked bag) which is a lot like flipping a coin to see if I am a winner - it usually goes about 50/50. It is an exciting moment when the scale reads 50.1 lbs and they let it slide. I have even learned to keep an extra tote bag in my suitcase in case I have to pull items out (after having learned the hard way with a flimsy plastic bag from the airline). I do try to be proactive and use a scale but it is not an exact science. Weigh yourself, weigh yourself holding the bag, subtract, and cross fingers.

I am excited to share a product that will eliminate this challenge from my life and hopefully other chronic overpackers out there - the Digital Luggage Scale! This helpful handheld scale will weigh bags up to 75 lbs (let's face it, if you are unable to tell that your bag is overweight and it is more than 75 lbs then you might have some other challenges beyond overpacking). It is lightweight and compact so you MIGHT even be able to find room for it in your bag. This particular model is from Brookstone but there are a variety of manufacturers that sell similar products.

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