Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Product Placement Wednesday - Aqua Clean Concentrate

Today I have one of my favorite laundry products to share with you. My parents are the ones that got me hooked and now I do not trust anything else.

Aqua Clean Concentrate is similar to Woolite as it is a cold water wash for delicates. It differs from Woolite in a few ways with the most obvious being that it is a concentrate. One bottle of Aqua Clean equals four bottles of Woolite. However the most exciting feature of this product and the one actually make me buy it is the stain removal aspect. Aqua Clean is excellent at getting non grease based stains (grass, blood, red wine) out of clothing. For example, I once was wearing a pair of borrowed jeans and spilled red wine all over them. I spread a bit of this product on the stains and mixed a bit more in with some cold water and left them to soak. Within an hour or so the stain had completely lifted. My parents had a guest that was wearing white and had an incident with red wine and had the same success. It is absolutely amazing.

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