Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Product Placement Wednesday - NoStik Toaster Bag

Sticking with the cheese theme of the past few Wednesdays, let me just say that I love grilled cheese. However, I find it difficult to make the perfect grilled cheese on my stove. It just seems that the burners are too hot so the bread toasts quickly but the cheese doesn't melt quickly enough. Toaster ovens are a great way to make grilled cheese but there just is not enough counter space for one in my home. I recently saw a photo on Pinterest about how you can use your toaster to make grilled cheese but honestly it just looked like a hot mess. That brings me to this week's product...

NoStik Toaster Bags are not only perfect for making grilled cheese but can be used for a variety of delicious grilled sandwiches or just about anything you can fit in the toaster. The only caveat is that the bag can't touch the actual heating elements of the toaster or a hole will form. Since the bags are reusable, you want to make sure that does not happen!

When I first heard about these bags, all I could think was "Mmm... grilled cheese". Turns out that these bags are also perfect when you have a member of your household with a gluten allergy. These bags will keep the gluten free bread protected from cross contamination from regular bread - even if you are just making regular toast.

The easiest place to find these bags?

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