Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bachelor Dinner, Part 4

For this past week's Bachelor Dinner, we went classic with a twist. Hamburgers & Tater Tots with freshened up with gourmet toppings for an adult taste. This meal is perfect for those that have children as you can prepare both to your and their palate.

Hamburgers with Balsamic Sweet Onions and Mushrooms in a Red Wine Reduction
Ground Beef (the leaner the better and proportioned for the quantity of burgers needed)

Suggested Gourmet Toppings
Aged Gouda Cheese
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Avocado
Balsamic Sweet Onions (either from Trader Joe's or recipe below)
Mushrooms in Red Wine Reduction (see recipe below)

1. Cook ground beef to desired temperature either in a skillet, grill pan or on your preferred grill.
2. Place burgers on a paper towel to absorb any excess grease.
3. Burgers can be served with or without buns.
4. Top with desired toppings. We used all of the above.

Balsamic Sweet Onions
Sweet Onions
Olive Oil
Balsamic Reduction (See instructions below)

1. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil in your skillet to stop the onions from sticking. It's key to use as little as possible.
2. Add your sliced sweet onions and begin sauteing them.
3. Once the onions are 3/4 done, add a healthy pour of balsamic reduction. Make sure the onions are throughly coated.
4. Complete cooking and serve.

Balsamic Reduction
Definition of Reduce: Culinarily, to boil a liquid (usually stock, wine or a sauce mixture) rapidly until the volume is reduced by evaporation, thereby thickening the consistency and intensifying the flavor. Such a mixture is sometimes referred to as a reduction.

Making a Balsamic Reduction (or any reduction) is pretty simple. Depending on how much of the reduction you ultimately need, start with about double that amount of balsamic vinegar. Continue to boil until it reaches the consistency you are looking for. Keep your eye on your reduction and stir regularly. If you aren't careful, a wonderful reduction can tip over the edge quickly and create as one friend called it "balsamic candy".

Mushrooms in Red Wine Reduction
Sliced Mushrooms
Red Wine
Olive Oil

1. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil in your skillet to stop the mushrooms from sticking. Again it's key to use as little as possible.
2. Add your sliced mushrooms and begin sauteing them.
3. Add red wine and continue to saute the mushrooms will the red wine reduces. This will infuse the mushrooms with red wine flavor.
4. Separate mushrooms from red wine reduction and serve. (Reduction can be pitched or saved to top burgers or another meat dish later in the week. Store in refridgerator.)

Black Truffle Tater Tots
Frozen Tater Tots

1. Cook tater tots according to package. I prefer oven preparation to avoid adding extra calories from oil.
2. Drain/blot tater tots on a paper towel as needed.
3. Toss with Black Truffle Salt.
4. Serve and enjoy.

The Black Truffle Tater Tots are inspired by the O Hotel's amazing Parmesan Truffle Tots (known as "crack tots") and are an excellent replica. You will want to eat an entire bag of them!

Served along with the burgers and tots were sliced tomatoes and leftover roasted curry cauliflower. We enjoyed a bottle of wine from Silverlake Wine and some leftover Oscar cookies (more on the cookies in a later post).

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