Thursday, February 17, 2011

These Are The People In Your Neighborhood....

So for those that aren't familiar with where I live, West Hollywood is a beautiful and fairly safe city within a city (Los Angeles). We have unlimited recycling and more importantly rent control (I would tell you how little I pay for rent but I live in fear that someone is going to murder me just to take over my apartment - it's that good). While West Hollywood has all of these positive things going for it, it's still in the city which makes for some interesting people watching and odd observations. Lately I've been taking walks around my neighborhood and thought I'd share some of my favorites.

1. Sometimes new pets will adopt you. There is a cat that will try to follow you home if you give it any attention. It clearly is well fed but must not like it's owners. It followed me for about five blocks when I finally had to explain that there wasn't room at my place for the two of us. It stopped following me shortly after that conversation or maybe it was the butterfly it was distracted by.

2. The weekly can gatherers. Packs of people come out with their shopping carts on recycling day to roam around the neighborhood and dig through the recycling for cans. I feel bad that they annoy me so much when they get in my way when I'm trying to walk considering that their entire cart will probably net them less than $20.

3. People talk to themselves. I passed a lady the other day that was talking to herself. Not a homeless lady (though we do have some of those in the neighborhood occasionally) just a lady out for a walk. I wasn't sure if she was talking to me based on the way she was looking at me but clearly that conversation was only with the voices in her head.

4. Garage exercise. There is a man in the building next door to mine that runs around his garage like it is a track. This is an apartment building garage that only holds three cars. He just runs around in circles around the cars and poles. I could understand if we lived in a cold climate or the ghetto but it's just straight up odd.

5. Possible scavenger hunts. This is probably my favorite of recent observations. I was walking down the street and noticed three apples sitting on a wall at an intersection. Thought it was strange but maybe someone left it outside for the homeless. On my way home on the parallel street to the south had a giant empty bottle of Makers Mark at the same intersection. Was this somesort of strange scavenger hunt? If I had more time, I wanted to keep walking up and down the street to see what other clues might have been left for or by the people in my neighborhood.

I'm about ready to head out for a walk now and am hoping that Faye Dunaway (actual neighbor) asks me in for tea.

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